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SIGMA DP1-Close Focus-Range

Guest .

Hi All,

without any optical aid, you cannot go all that close to the scene with the DP1 (0.3m / 1ft ... due to the fact that the DP1 is a wide angle cam of course).

Sample 26a.jpg

Getting closer, it takes SIGMA's AML-1 close up lens in front of it.

Sample 23a.jpg

Now we are closer but not really in what I would consider any macro-range. :)

Thus, I went for some additional 46mm MACRO-lenses ..... let us have a CLOSER:) look!

Sample 27a.jpg

To be continued .......

Guest .


Well, since the AML-1 is quite an expensive close-up-lens, the question comes up, whether it could do to replace it by a cheap standard macro lens. I tried so! :)

DP1 + AML-1 + open aperture ..... DP1+ 4dpt-lens + open aperture

Sample 26.jpg Sample 25.jpg

The answer is a clear NO, you cannot replace it by any cheap stuff. Obviously the AML-1 is a special design for DP1 use in particular. AML-1 image quality is outstanding!
By the way ... results widely improve as soon as slowing down the DP1's aperture down to 8.0 with the cheap lens.

But how to get really close?! :)

DP1+ AML1 + 4dpt-lens + open aperture

Sample 27.jpg

Well, I think this is acceptable image quality, is it not?!

To have the edges a 100% sharp, you have to slow down aperture a bit.

DP1+ AML1 + 4dpt F:9 .....................DP1+ AML1 + 4dpt F:11

Sample 29.jpg Sample 28.jpg

For comparism:

DP1 + standard 8dpt macro-lens.

Sample 30.jpg


I think, it is nice to conquer the macro range with the DP1! It seems as if this was not possible without the AML-1.
If you would like to go closer than the AML-1 allows, you can do that nicely with additional close up lenses in front of the AML-1.

See you with nice pictures



Well-Known Member
DP-1 Close Focus...

Klaus, outstanding comparison...

Here are a few from my DP-1

I am using a generic 2x Macro lens...on my DP1...but it still gives you outstanding results...



Thanks for looking...

Tony C.

Guest .

High Tony,

that looks fine indeed!

There are not many macro scenes indeed that require sharpness up to the very periphery of your picture.

See you with nice pictures


Guest .

Hi All,

SIGMA DP1+AML-1 + 8dpt close focus lens + ISO800!! + 1/20s freehanded


Sample 17.jpg

See you with nice pictures



New Member
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Hi Tony, they're definitely fine pics, but it's not a good choice of subject to show the quality of the lens from the perspective of sharpness across the frame. Klaus' choice of shooting a newspaper may be boring, but it showed quite well the IQ differences between these lenses on sharpness. Because the borders and edges of your images are out of focus, it's just not possible to tell very much about lens sharpness from these shots. [on revisiting your pics, it looks to me that the top right corner of the 2nd photo is showing signs of smudging rather than simple defocusing - it looks quite ugly once one notices it.] Central sharpness and bokeh with your lenses are good, but that's only half the story. If you have time, it would be really interesting to see you post some shots of a subject in a flat plane to compare with the lenses Klaus was using. Thanks in advance.


New Member
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Great write up, thanks for taking the time to share your results with us. I'm definitely buying the AML-1 now. Just out of curiosity, were the cheap macro lenses you refer to the Hoya Close Up lenses or from some other company? Do you have any thoughts on which company makes the best closeup filters? I'm looking at buying some to use with the AML-1...may as well buy the best in class.