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SIGMA DP1s, overcoming the long close focus distance


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The only annoying thing on the DP1s is the long close focus distance, that avoids the use of the cam for product-like shots.

To overcome this, a friend of mine thought on using a closeup filter lens.

I followed his recommendation and tried with a 4 diopter lens, On top of the HA-11 adapter:

Magnification is really improved. (Don't pay attention to the following two pictures, are shot handheld @ 1sec, so they are awfully blurred, but are good to show the magnification).

Without the closeup lens:

Same distance, with the closeup lens on:

Quick samples: 1/10s, F4, ISO200

100% crop of the last one:

Another sample:

This may solve the problem.
Although the results are not bad, maybe I should try with a better lens. This one is a cheap chinese one...



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Jess...great can also put a fisheye attachment to get a wider shot...


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Yes, I'm going to try other diopter lenses, I'll be posting the results.



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You should try an achromatic close-up lens, with two elements. Those lenses are color corrected and have less fringing.