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Sigma DP2s + all accessories for sale


New Member
Asking $700 for the whole enchilada.

This kit includes the following, all in pristine condition (very little use at all) with original boxes:

DP2s Compact Digital Camera ($699 MSRP):
World's first full color image sensor: 14.45MP Foveon X3® Direct Image Sensor
True II Image Processing engine
Focal Length 24.2mm F2.8, 35mm equivalent to 41mm
Weighs only 9.2oz and only 4.5" (W)x 2.3" (H)x 2.2" (D)

Accessories included with the camera: Li-Ion battery BP-31, battery charger BC-31, Lens Cap LCP-11, Neck Strap NS-11, soft case CS-70, Hot shoe cover HSC-11, Video Cable, SIGMA Photo Pro CD

Plus additional accessories (as pictured):

Sigma AML-1 close-up lens ($125 MSRP)
Sigma EF-140 TTL Flash ($120 MSRP)
Sigma VF21 optical viewfinder ($200 MSRP)
Simga 46mm circular polarizer ($74 MSRP)
Sigma 46mm UV filter ($39 MSRP)


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