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Sigma Look

Guest .

Hi All,

since this is an exclusive single brand SIGMA-forum, there cannot come up the typical "My cam is better" fight, which can be observed in mixed forums.

So many times, the SIGMA 3D-look has been discussed, praised or denied.

If there is such a thing like a SIGMA-LOOK, it is said to be due to the Foveon sensor technology, that makes images that clear colourful and three-dimensional.

Since there is no antialiasing filter and no Bayer-colour-estimation necessary, the result is an extreme pixel sharpness and lively colour recording.

I think, there is this certain look.

sample 9.JPG

Sigma raw-data are that rich, contain such an increadible amount of image information, that our digital darkroom becomes a place to "discover" our shots. The Foveon simply records much more image information than fitting on one single photo. We have the free choice to choose, what we like to see.

Fill Light -in particular- is an outstanding feature of SIGMA RAW, which is absolutely unique.

sample 4.JPG

Colours, sharpness and plasticity are eye-catching.

I very much like doing precise and accurate work with my SD.

sample 5.JPG

SD14 / SIGMA 80-400mm EX OS (@351mm) / f:6,3 / (1/320s) / ISO 200 / (freehanded)


.... another 3D ....



....pixel sharpness and colours as clear as glass ....

Rote Heidelibelle-1.JPG


....difficult light? ...a challenge for SIGMA

Hope that all Sigmatonians enjoy their SDs as much as I do! :)

See you with nice pictures



Well-Known Member
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Hello, Klaus!

You have really "done it" this time. Your sentiments are mine too. We are truly "on the same page" and our SD14s have become extensions of our hearts.

When I was recovering form my heart condition last year, one of my best therapeutical "treatments" was to take my camera into the wilderness and let nature run its course. It might sound a bit odd to others but Sigma/Foveon helped my recovery!

Sincere regards, JR

Guest .

Hi Jim,

being out with the cam can even be medicine to a healthy heart! :)

sample 10.JPG

Wish you good health and many many nice pictures