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Sigma, Quantaray, older lenses


New Member
Am looking to fill the gap between my wide angle and my long telephoto so have scoped out a very clean manual Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 and the same condition manual Sigma 35-70mm f/2.8. Anyone had any experience with either of these oldies?

Also looking at a Quantaray 28-90mm with green lettering. There are rumors that Quantarays were manufactured for Ritz Camera, some by Sigma, others by Tamron, and that you can discern which is which by the filter size. Doesn't matter to me so much as I'm a hobbyist, but I would like to know anyone's thoughts on this particular Quantaray, too.

I use a Pentax ME Super.


New Member
Sorry. The 28-90 Quantaray doesn't have green lettering; that was the 70-300 AF w/macro I was looking at.

The 28-90 has white lettering, a gold ring around the front edge of the front knurled ring, and is Aspherical.


Well-Known Member
Some Lenses to think about...

A few lenses you might want to look into...

Sigma 20-40mm F2.8
Sigma 20-60mm F2.8

The Sigma 10-20mm is a great wide lens....

And/Or go with a few prime lenses...

Sigma 24mm, 30mm, or 50mm

If memory serves me correct the 28-90mm is an F3.5-5.6...Right..??

Tony C.
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LacyT, I'm a bit late to the thread but that lens is a Sigma. Tamron never made a 28-90mm. Honestly, I'd probably avoid it for the very slow f/5.6 at the (modest) tele end. 90mm at f/5.6 just isn't that appetizing, although I'd bet you can get a good deal on it.