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Sigma rear lens caps...


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Hi colleagues,

I've been looking for rear lens caps for my SIGMA lenses and adapters but without any success.

Does anybody know any place where to buy them?.

Thanks in advance.



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I would look on ebay...there is always a hong kong based company that can manufacture these items for about $4.00....also you can look for the clear white slip on covers on ebay...sort-of a one size fits many...

Tony C.


Well-Known Member
Thanks Tony!.

After Uwe's advice, I ordered a bunch of Pentax-K caps, they will doble as SIGMAs, I've got a lot of K lenses without rear cap.

(I didn't find any Sigma)



Some Pentax lens cap do not work as well

I tried some Pentax caps and they fit, but do not secure (loose to the extent that they turn and fall off). I ended up buying mine direct from Sigma (and ordered the newer, center pinch front caps as well). Got the caps in less than a week - very fast delivery.


PS My order was with Sigma USA



it all depends of the manufacturer. I have Pentax rear caps from different sellers and some fit perfectly, some loosen over the time.

But to be sure, I agree. Buy the Sigma originals - or if they are too expensive, buy a broken Sigma lens at ebay and you get front and rear cap with it.

To save mailing costs, you can even tell the seller just to send the caps :z04_9856:

best wishes