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Sigma SA7 lenses with SD14


New Member
Hi All,

I have a sa7 which came with some bundled Macro Lenses. I am now planning on moving on to a SD14, would the same lenses be fine with that too. This way I (a beginner) wouldnt have to worry about buying new lenses to start with since I am still an amateur.

Please let me know


New Member
It will work

Trust me

I have an SA5 with 6 lenses plus a teleconverter, and my lenses work with the SD10

The only drawback is that since the digital sensor is much smaller than that of film, the focal lenght relationship changes

This means that the normal lens for an SD10 or SD14 comes out to be something like 35mm and the wide lens comes out to be 14mm which in the normal 35mm SLR is already a semi-fisheye lens.

With that in mind, you can get used to taking pictures with your existing lenses.

The next step is for you to buy DG lenses designed for Digital cameras so that the normal convention you've had when you were using film would be very much the same.

This is the dilema coming from digital image sensors that are not the same size as the area of a 35 mm film.

Nonetheless, the image would be superior coming from your 35 mm SLR lens because the image circle is larger and the image circle hitting the digital sensor is confined in the mid part of the lens where you have best performance versus aberration.


For me that is THE argument for being a SIGMA photographer !!!

I can use all of my SIGMA lenses with my analogue SA-7 and the fantastic SA-9 as well as on my digital SD14 DSLR:
CANON system would offer you the same choice but it is "only" the dreadful BAYER SENSOR...

greetz !