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!!! SIGMA SD1 - 46Mpx !!!



DUAL True II engine!!! Seems to go then a lot faster!

1,5 Crop Factor. This is great. No longer this 1.7 crop factor! Next step fullframe? :z04_Flucht:

Prices not yet available. Hopefully they are able to deliver faster then before ;)


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Well... I don't think it will be faster. The image processors will have to process more data. If TRUE II was made to process images of 4.6 Mpx and got 3 fps, I believe a dual TRUE II processing 15.36 Mpx will get about 2-3 fps wich we are used to.
But, IMHO, the biggest breakthrough at this moment is the new sensor.
Oh, btw, I don't see the IR/dust filter in the image. I hope it will still be there (the most efficient and simplest dust filter and IR conversion method ever).


Here's hoping

The image quality of the new sensor should be on a whole new level. I can't wait to get my hands on it.
I hope it won't be so long in coming this time. The hype surrounding the SD15 kept me hanging on for over a year. I bought a Canon 5D2 in the end.
I still have my SD14 though, and now a DP1. I am very pleased with Foveon IQ.


wait, see

We will have to wait and see several things:

image quality - with denser pixels it might be too noisy
speed - probably the same
price - perhaps too high (if it is over 2000$ I'd rather buy Nikon d700)
does it still needs tons of light - sd14 is virtually unusable in the times when the light outside is most beautiful since even in ISO 200 there is noise and over that you can hardly get a usable image

So, let see the real world samples, get it in our hands and try it and then discuss.
Exciting news!

SD15 was not a step big enough for me to make a move and change my SD14. But now, with this SD1, wow! I think only the price will stop me from buying, if it is too expensive.

I wonder, though, if those who bought the SD15 now feel a bit like they have been had... in a way...

And this new sensor 4800 x 3200, Dual True II engine, I just can't wait to see RAW samples of the beast!

This is really exciting news from Sigma.


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Something IS WRONG! The upper LCD display is missing! And they advertise it as a Pro... Even Olympus makes place for it on their pro bodies.
It's probably the first magnesium alloy body without it.


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Hello guys :)
I'm from Poland, so be patient for my english ;)

It's look realy cool. Even lack of top LCD is not bothering me :) I'm just curious about final IQ.
Sigma, show us aomething AWESOME, please.

About price:
"Sigma didn't announce prices, but it Amir-Hamzeh said it would be "very competitive" and in the neighborhood of Canon's higher-end EOS 7D, which costs about $1,500 with no lens and $1,700 with a 28-135mm kit lens."

Read more:
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Hello all !

Hello everybody here: this is my first post on your forum, meanwhile I applied it quite two years ago !!!

But SD1 announce today give me an occasion to greet everybody and in the same time to say all my enthusisam with this new product.

I use an old and trusty SD9 since 2004, quite 10'000 pictures today done with it, and I am sure that SD1 has great chance to come quickly in my equipment when I read its specs.

Yes, we shall have to be patient, surely the first copies shall not be bug-free, but in my opinion, 3x15 Mpix shall not only provide us the best quality compared to Nikon or Canon top-level bodies, but shall be even equal or better compared to Leica S2 and medium format cameras such Hasselblad...

And this camera doe not try to satisfy marketing chimeras with video, GPS, Facebook link, and so on...: it is really A CAMERA, not a set of electronic gadgets put in something looking to a camera.

Yes, for me, today is really a great great day, even if I think in the same time "Oh, you must be patient, you shall wait after it too long, too long, but you shall get a camera which shall let you forget silver-oxyde forever !

Cheers to everyone !


PS: just a link to my SD9 pictures.

Mod-Edit: Link deleted. Please put links to your homepage in your userprofile, not in the postings


Be patient

The function of the upper LCD may be moved to the VF or main display.
I never use the upper LCD on the 5D now, just press the set button and everything is on the main display, nice and clear.


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About price:

"Sigma didn't announce prices, but it Amir-Hamzeh said it would be "very competitive" and in the neighborhood of Canon's higher-end EOS 7D, which costs about $1,500 with no lens and $1,700 with a 28-135mm kit lens."


? Can it be true ?


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Exciting news

I've had a DP1 for a couple of years, and a second hand SD10 for around a year. I'm loving the output from the cameras, but they can be more than frustrating at times: speed/high ISO/battery life.

I have been considering moving over to a different brand (possibly Sony) and leaving Sigma altogether, but news of the SD1, I think, is going to make me stick it out and wait for it to appear. I had been tempted by the SD14 (second hand) or even the SD15, but I just felt this would be a sideways step. The SD1 will certainly be a move forward for me, and it will mean I can continue to use the lens collection that I have (very slowly) built for myself.

The main things I (and everyone else) want to know are the cost and the release date.


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Congrats Sigma! A wet dream come true. Now I hope the time before shipping is not as long as with previous models. I would also love to see this new sensor in a DP-style body, with ergonomics/build quality/shooting speed more in line with the m43-cameras, with fast prime lens or lenses if provided with a lens mount. A fast 21-45-90 (35mm equiv) on a decent DP style form factor and this new sensor...The answer to many of my photographic prayers at least.


I don't know yet...since I'm doing more and more outside work the SD14 just didn't cut it anymore. The SD15 changed nothing in this field (higher ISO's and fast AF) so no reason to switch to the the end bought a Nikon D700 and got my SD14 including 18-200 OS, 70-200 and 24-70 lenses for sale...

Now the SD1 might just give me a new reason to keep one eye on the Sigma camera's simply because I love the Foveon sensor in the studio...

I sure hope the signal / noise ratio is much better in this sensor, because 1,5crop is still no fullframe. A 10-15 MP FF (30-45 MP interpolated) would be enough for me, pixelwise...

If the SD1 will deliver what I think it will...I'll turn back to Sigma (as a playthingie next to my Nikon workerbee) with different lenses like the 50 and 85mm f1.4 because the Sigma just doesn't cut it in terms of speed, but only in IQ at low ISO-ratings.

The lcd panel will not be missed by me. Hardly ever use it on the SD14...only to select (or check) S or C focussing and light metering. No need for that on other camera's because the buttons for these functions are not in a menu.


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I think that Sigma made really a good step in the right moment.
About IR-dust filter it's still present.
About loose of quality with more sensor pixel density, I think is not a problem of Foveon because no interpolarization (but it's a real problem of bayer sensor!!)
Price should be like Canon 7d (approx. 1400 eur).
I think the most interesting advantage it will be the chance to crop images from original photo, because of 15 Mp.


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We all knew they were working on something.....this is a vast leap in improvement...

IE SD14 - SD15 4.7mega-pixel x 3 layers... = 14.1mega-pixel image

SD1 - 15.1mega-pixel x 3 layers... = 46mega-pixel image

I was hesitant to get an I will just wait for the SD1... :)

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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I wonder, will the Sigma DC series of lenses cause vignetting in the SD1? Exciting announcement in any event!



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A dream come true!


This is like a dream come true for the loyal Foveon aficionados like you and me

Watch out Leica S2!

It also looks like making Mount Replacements for it would't be a problem