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Silver or black


Well-Known Member
I am planning on getting an M8.

I have a hard time choosing the color.
With the silver lenses, the silver body looks gorgeous, but is less subtle and a bit more "Leica nerdy". All lenses are available in black, but only a few in silver. I have also heard that the silver lenses are a bit heavier than the black ones. Is this true?

Does the silver have any practical disadvantages?

Which color do you guys like best and why?




I like the look of the black leica's but looks to me that the silver finishing is more resilient and the lot has a beatiful apperance even with black lenses. It makes a bit of contrast but it is nice. On the other hand I have a Summicron 50 (50 year edition) in silver matching the M6 TTL body. I like it but it shines a bit too much.Tehrefore , for me, silver body with black lenses are simply OK. Regards, Fernando


New Member
The silver has a more classic look. Practically speaking, the silver shows up fingerprints less than the black, if that's of concern to you.


A minor consideration. If you spend a lot of time in bright sun, a black body will get hotter than a silver one -- to the point where it's uncomfortable to touch. I usually keep a Luigi case on the camera, anyway, so it doesn't matter that much. I still like the looks of silver, and recommend you get what appeals to you.