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Slide Copier


Active Member
I have a Minolta Bellows that looks like a perfect candidate for that autobellows build.

My questions are has anyone used a Sigma to copy slides? What lens would be best in a this case. I have an old Minolta 100mm flat field lens that was made for the setup. Should I stick with that?

Any replies welcomed....................Tom C


Hi Tom,
first of all : Happy New Year to you.
Sorry for the late reply,but better late than never.:)
I have copied slides with my SD10 and used a 70mm Makro lens from Sigma
straight on the body.
You should keep in mind that most slide copy devices are designed for
24x36mm cameras,so the scale is 1:1.
With the SD cameras the scale should be 1:1.7 to get the full frame of a 24x36mm slide.
The Sigma 28-80 Makro lens will work as well.


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Happy New year to you too, Tom! And Uwe!

I made myself a studio light table, using translucent perspex and just lay my slides directly on the horizontal surface. Flash is positioned beneath and measured with flash meter. The lens I use is the Sigma 105mm macro.


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Do you mean you simply use a straight macro lens on the camera to shot the slides/negatives, without any bellows, etc.?.

Kind regards,


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I must confess though, Jes. If you need to copy any substantial amount, this way would be very time consuming. But alas, I only need to do the odd one or two a year now. :)

I still have a very nice film scanner that scans 16 35mm slides at once but it's connected to an old Windows (XP) PC (SCSI connection) and since going mac I never feel like starting the old beast up. Lazy me! ;)

Sincere regards, Jim R


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Thanks for your comments.
I've to scan around 3000 slides and negative shots, and my scanner is painfully slow, so I thought in using a slide copier to turn them into digital format.
So I got a Nikon slide copier and a Nikon to Eos adapter and I started to try it with the 350D. It was a quite fast process (much faster than scanning) with not bad results, but the problem is the crop ratio on the camera that only focuses the central part of the slide...
Maybe I could use the slide holder mechanical part and a macro lens to do the scanning... Thanks for the clue!

Kind regards,