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Slide places film developing / scanning...


Is there a place highly recommended for developing medium format slide film? For example, a place online that forum users highly recommend based on quality developing?

How about slide scanning? Is the best bet to acquire your own scanner for processing the slides once developed? I have an Epson 10000xl without the transparency unit... would you recommend acquiring the transparency unit for this scanner or just getting something like an Epson V700 or 750.

Many thanks!


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Most users will prefer a local company.
There is a good pro lab only 35 miles from where I live.
They develop. scan and print.
Quality is excellent, prices are very friendly.

It helps to know where you are based to find a company in your area.

Of course internet companies can be a great help.
I like to be able to discuss problems in person if they arise.



I live in New Jersey, about an hour outside New York City on the shore. All the equipment, etc. I have acquired has been through the web and I have no knowledge of local shops specializing in such processing. That said, I'm about 1.5 hours to the flagship Adorama store, which is probably excellent at such things. I'm sure there are a thousand options in the photo district of NYC, but it would still be easier to send the film by mail to a shop known to have a consistently high-quality reputation.

I was even considering the possibility of sending slides (when I have them) to one of the forum users with a V700 (or 750) for Hi-Res scanning until I have a volume that justifies the purchase because I know users here appreciate the need to get as much from our images as possible. Most places I've seen online scan at lower resolutions and charge exorbitant prices for "photodisks". With a friend from the forum, we could exchange a high capacity flash drive and get the slides processed at max resolution.

That said, I would still need a source for slide film development that is trusted :)

Heck, maybe down the road I could be the one to provide such a service to other forum members for a reasonable price, but right now I'm still learning :)

Thanks for the response!


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The number of quality labs is getting smaller every day.

Keep in mind trannies need special care for optimum results.

Lets start a new thread ro report where users have their films developped scanned and or printed.