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Slide projection lenses



I am in the market for a tele-lens (for slide projection) who suits my leica p600 projectors.

I am looking for a lens of similar (or near) quality of my 90/2.5 colorplan, without getting broke.

Can anyone give me some comments about:
--leica 120/2.8 (I read a comment about this lens that is is a dog... can someone confirm this ?)
--Leica 150/2.8
--quality of similar (cheaper)lenses (Isco projar, etc)

Last question: which lens should be recomendated for a slide with an audience of 100 people: 120 or 150 mm? Is 90 mm also possible?

Thank you very much,


Hi Melvin,

I can strongly recommend German DOCTER lenses, take the "Doctarlux" series =

(not "Doctaron") it=B4s very well built and has excellent "HQ" image=20 quality. But I don=B4t know if they fit to your LEICA projector (available =

as rack or screw in version with 52.5mm diam. or as 42.5mm screw in=20 version). More Information is available at=20
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, sorry = but=20 it=B4s only in German !

The lens you need depends on the size of the room and the distance you can =

realize from screen to your projector. A rule of thumb is that the first=20 row of audience may be 2x and the last row 6x screen width apart from the=20 screen. Then you can calculate the focus you need. A good tool can be=20 downloaded from Austrian AV-specialist "Stumpfl" at
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(go to =

download section, select "tools" and then download "Screen tool"). For=20 ex&le a 90mm lens gives some 5m distance to a 2m wide screen when using=20 24x36mm slides.

Hope I could help, feel free to contact me privately