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SLR in Jungle


New Member
Hi everyone,

I've just bought a new Digital Rebel.
I'm going into the jungle.

Does anyone have any tips on dealing with the humidy.

If i never take the lens off, will it be air tight?
Or should I place silicon in the main chamber when i'm not taking photo's.
Or any other tips ?


New Member
I was in Mexico and it was pretty humid and i never had a problem.One thing i noticed with my rebel and have read about others is that the images are about 1/3 to 1/2 stop under exposed .The images look right in the lcd but are dark in editing software.Have a good trip


Active Member
I, too, have noticed that the lcd gives a misleading indication of exposure. It is necessary to keep one's eye on the histogram which is a better indicator of balanced exposure.

I have taken my film Rebel into jungle environments without a problem. Next fall my digital Rebel will be going to Belize. I will be interested in reading comments on this issue to help me with my planning.
Mary Lou,
I have the same issue with my Digital Rebel.

However, I loaded my images on a friends computer and they weren't dark like on mine.

I have noticed that the images look darker on my PC at work than on my PC at home.

I have been considering getting one of those monitor calibration things cause I'm getting tired of second guessing how the image actually looks.



New Member
Hi Guys

Are you Guys totally happy with the crispness of your shots. I am thinking of trading my D30 for a 300d for the lightness and 6Mpixels really. I must admit though to never really being happy with the sharpness of my D30 end results - especially compared to a colleagues Fuji s602Z




Active Member
Since my 300d is my first quality digital camera, I'm not in a good position to compare sharpness. What I see is great but maybe someone else can do a comparison.

As to the darkness of images, if I had followed the histogram, or if I had used automatic exposures, I think the pictures would have been fine. I over-ruled the histogram and consequently got pictures which were darker than they appeared on the lcd. When the histogram showed a good balanced exposure, the image was fine.


New Member
I have 3 lens's,Canon 18-55,Canon 28-105 usm 2 and a Canon 75-300 usm 2.By far the most crisp is the 28-105.I am not to impressed with the 18-55.If i was to buy another Rebel it would be with the 28-105 not the 18-55.
if you have


New Member
As for the monitor calibration. If you have photoshop7 ,it comes with a gamma wizard which will assist you in setting up your monitor. This way what you see on the monitor will be calibrated with your printer


If you are shooting with a D30 then you will probably need to Unsharp Mask in Photoshop if you want a crisp image. By default, the D30 does no sharpening, so as to preserve maximum image quality. I don't know how much you know about sharpening, but the process actually degrades an image - the sharpness is just an optical illusion caused by increasing contrast at boundaries. You actually lose detail when you sharpen, tho' superficially it looks like detail is enhanced. Shoot RAW and experiment with sharpening in Photoshop and the D30 is a more than a match for any non-SLR, even more modern ones.

Personally, I sharpen D30 shots for small prints where detail is less important, and use a clean image for larger prints up to 12"x8".


About the LCD preview; yes, it's misleading. However, if you load the histogram (image info), the level indicators will give you a more accurate read of the image data.

You could always reduce the LCD brightness (menu, third setup group), and get a Hoodman LCD screen hood, to aid viewing in bright conditions.


New Member
hi all. i am new to the web site. i am thinking of buying a 300d. is it o.k. is there any problems?. i know the new 350d is due so hoping to pick up a 300d cheaper!!?.thanks. steve


Active Member
> Steve, I've been using my digital Rebel for over a year and love it! I > took it into the jungle in December and had no problems with high humidity. I > regularly interchange lens, using my Canon 100mm-300mm zoom and a Vivitar > 100mm closeup lens. It has served me well. > Mary Lou


Hi Marylou,

I know what you mean about the Rebel. I am thrilled to bits with mine and some of the pictures come out extremely well (thank goodness for the auto focus) None of the local colleges do a classroom course its all online much to my dissapointment. I have contacted a few local pro photographers but havent received any replies yet as far as lessons. I am hoping to come across someone that can explain all the whosits and whatsists that the camera has. A good for instance is "what is an f stop"? What does or is the aperture and what does it do and last but not least what are the numbers on the lenses? Did I tell you I was confused ?

Anyway one of these days I will figure it out :)

Thanks again for your input.


Take only pictures leave only footprints.


> [Hi, Stevie,

With respect, I think that you have missed out on the basics of photography. We old-time boring farts tend to think that way... call it indoctrination if you wish, but there is a science behind all of this ready-for-everything, no-think, auto-everything modern approach to photography, and I guess that the manufacturers of our 21st century gizmos assume too much in respect of our received comprehension of the photographic art. Understand the basics and you have conquered the science. Most of all, it's great fun... and damned interesting. I wish you every success!

Mike (The Acerbic Scot)
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Hi Mike,

I couldnt agree more about missing out on the basics of photography. I have tried in vain to find a "someone" who knows about the intricasies or maybe a class. No classes I can attend ... online only and this is not what I need/want.

I am hoping to meet with a professional photographerthat lives not "toooooo" far away who can help with my education in the near future.

I can see your a canny wee laddy, lang may your lumb reek!

Steve (born south of Loch Lomond and raised south of the border, now in the USA)

"Take only pictures leave only footprints"


Active Member
>There's an good and not too expensive two year course in photography here in Daytona Beach. It's a community college, but the photo course has a national reputation.


Hi folks,

Once again seeking information on lenses. I have the opportunity to get a Canon "mirror" lens. What exactly is the difference between a mirror lens and any other?

Once again seeking to fill in the gaps.


Take only pictures leave only footprints