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SLR Zeiss Distagon 21/2.8 W1 HoodFilters


New Member
Does anyone have experience here? Is it possible to use both the W1 hood with an 82mm UV filter, or is an option to use the 82mm-to-86mm step ring and then add on the filters at 86mm (ouch-expensive)? Finally, anyone had any luck with a circular polarizer and this lens? I really appreciate input, since I will soon have this lens I've lusted for a long time. Any general comments and/or Distagon 21/2.8 experiences are most appreciated. Thank you in advance.


New Member
Hi William,

It's possible to try your combination: one solution which would not be economical unless you use medium or large format also, would be to step up from 82mm to 95mm to use both a polariser and an X-Pro filter system. The challenge of any filtration system on the 21mm is the compounded filter holder bulk to the lens' bulk. The circular polariser also renders an uneven plane of polarisation along the axis of the frame due to the extreme coverage. This is inevitable, unless you shoot into the sun at 90 degrees, thus requiring a multi-coated polariser.


New Member
Hello William,

I use the Kenko SuperPro L37 filter (4mm thickness in barrel) and the W-1 hood on my D21/2.8.
For PL, I use the 86mm B+W Kass CPL and the 82-86S adapter ring on my D21/2.8 (without the L37 filter mentioned above.)
No vignetting at all.