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Small flash for the ND



I am looking for a small and light flash for my ND. It shall be used only for fill-in flash for family snapshots of kids etc.

Is the TLA 200 100% compatibel with the ND? Is the TLA 140 to weak (and can I correct the flash power with the 140)?

Any other recommendations - also third party flashes?

Thanks in advance


Well-Known Member
> I can say the TLA 200 works perfectly on an N1 However, for fill flash the flash cannot be adjusted for TTL metering except with the exposure comp dial, which affects the camera too unless in manual mode. (The way I do it for close up) With auto exposure off, the 200 has only a full setting, but the guide number can be changed slightly since angle of coverage can be adjusted. Use the guide number, then stop down to create the desired fill. (The way I do when exact fill exposer is not critical)