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Smallest bag for Contax g2 with 2 lenses


I just purchased a G2 with 45, 28 and 90 lenses and a tla 140 flash. I'm trying to find the smallest, most portable bag I can since I ditched my slr system for more portability. On the internet, I've seen the Crumpler
Steamer, the Lowe-Pro Orion Mini and Nova mini. Any other thoughts on the perfect compact bag?
Also, with the small bag, is a shoulder or hip strip more desirable. Thanks


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>I would recommend that you at least look at the Billingham line, with particular attention to the Hadley SMALL. It will contain your complete kit with no wasted space. Excellent construction but my favorite feature is that the depth is only about 12cm, which means that the bag hugs the body tightly, reducing the number of knocks your equipment is forced to


Try a Billingham bag Ron: a Hadley, a Hadley Pro or a small =20 Hadley would do fine. It's what I keep my G2 and lenses in. Chris >


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Hi Ron,

I'm on my THIRD camera bag since purchasing my G. My original criteria was just 'small and unobtrusive', so I originally had one of the Benetton shoulder bags, a very small unit. It proved to be too small (first bitch) and not so comfortable for me. The nicest feature was the top zip. So, my second bag was a LowePro Adventure 2 (rucksack style). A very small bag. But again, just a little too small.

I modified my criteria slightly after travelling a bit with the G2. I needed 'small, unobtrusive, wearable on the shoulder or crosswise, to take sideways strain off my back, and a little extra space for a map or two, perhaps a paperback.

I finally settled (after tearing apart the camera luggage sections in 2 or 3 different shops here in Tokyo) on one that for me, is perfect, and is also a pretty good fit for the G system. The LowePro Linx 220. It gives you access to your lenses etc through a top zip, but in addition, you can pull your camera directly out of the side through a small side zip (assuming you have a short lens mounted - that trick doesn't work with the 90mm). Plenty of small inside pockets, and some nice features lacking in the other bags I had - a rear outside sleeve (perfect for a couple of maps and a paperback book when travelling!) and a nice array of other pockets plus a small padded velcroed shelf between your camera and the top-most zipper. Nice, compact protection.

And comfortable to carry, since the carry strap is thick, well-padded, and this can be carried very comfortably on the shoulder, or cross-wise messenger-bag style. It really seems like a well-modified messenger bag, and doesn't really look like a camera bag (nice feature). The strap is thick enough that there is NO WAY someone could run by you and slice through it to steal your bag. They would have to perhaps be carrying a japanese katana to do so.

Hope this helps. I've had plenty of frustration with bags that were uncomfortable or just too small, or just too inconvenient; on some occasions, I even wrapped my G in one of those padded velcro wraps and dropped it in my regular backpack, the other two camera bags were more of a pain than anything else.

Mark Edwards


>[..i am using a nova 1 bag for the 3 lenses and a tla 20 flash and some >hoods . the extra space comes from separating the divisions in 2 vertically. ther e is space for a hip strap 1 1/2 - 2 " which is easily made and space to store at either end of the bag. makes it easy to carry on long shoots and the set-up is very versitile]


The Billingham Hadley line and the Domke f-803 were designed specifically for compact rangefinders and best of all they don't look like camera bags.

unfortunately the Domke seams to be perpetually backordered everywhere, and no one carries the full range of colors and trims for the Hadley except the official Billingham site.

the Hadley has a padded insert similar to what you fined in some laptop bags. the Domke is only padded on the sides and has a padded insert for lenses.


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> [For those of us in or near London the choice is straightforward - Cameraworld has produced a modified small Billingham bag with inserts specifically for the G. They call it the Billingham Caxton. I think it costs around #90. I don't know, but they may even offer it mail order/over the web.]


Faisal, thank you for posting that link to Billingham bags. (
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) I had never seen their product line before. The Hadley range looks exactly like the type of bag I have always hoped to find. Sort of a classic old style look that doesn't necessarily give away the fact that it's a camera bag. As a matter of fact, it sort of reminds me of a bag my dad used to use when he went trout fishing, as strange as that might sound. While they don't appear to be giving them away for free, the prices aren't nearly as bad as some other makers here in US shops. Good info to have! Best, Lynn


> [ "Try the Kinesis E330. Follow this:
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. I carry the G2 with a lens mounted and 1 or 2 more, depending on the lens..]


I take back what I said about the price not being bad. It isn't bad in the UK at =A370 (no Vat) but checking the US importers site for the very same bad he wants $239. I know our exchange rate is bad against the pound, but not THAT bad. Yikes. -Lynn ... US distributors site:
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> Lynn I use the smallest bag in the Hadley range and it works well, > although it's a bit of a tight squeeze. I can carry 1 body with lens > attached (not 90), one body without lens, Zeiss case containing 21mm > plus finder and one extra lens. In pockets I can have filters, > lightmeter, mobile phone etc. For travelling, I might suggest going > for the standard Hadley which will be just a tad roomier. I think > there's also a special edition with extra features. Excellent range, > can't praise them enough. Malc


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One of the nicest bags that I have found for the G2 system is a shooters bag sold by The bag is an updated version of a Leica style bag and is made for a small rangefinder system. The bag holds a G2 with a lens in a forward compartment and 2-3 lenses and flash in an adjustable rear compartment. There are three front pockets which can hold plenty of film, a second body, and a light meter respectively. The adjustable shoulder strap attaches to the rear of the bag rather than to the sides of the bag which permits the bag to "hang close" to your body. The bag's flap closes with either velcro for rapid entry or with side snaps and a center buckle for safety during transport. The material resists water, and the bag does not look like a camera bag. The only negative is that the bag is not padded, but it is not difficult to add a layer of foam rubber to the bottom for some extra protection. The bag was specifically designed for rapid shooting and works well in the field. It is used by many professionals. The web site is
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. The owner's name is Seth and is very reliable. The cost is reasonable for the quality.


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I found the leather G-1 bag from Contax to be the handiest and most compact. Custom fit for a camera with lens attached, flash and two additional lenses.

The G-2 version is a bit larger.