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Soft Filter




I will be doing a personal portraiture project for the next 7 months with mainly the N1/70-300 zoom or the RZ67/180mm lens. I am looking for a good soft filter.

Does anyone have any experience with the Heliopan or B+W softar filters? They are described as the best soft focus filters for portraiture since the softness and detail does not affect by aperture. I think they are made by Carl Zeiss and cost about US$210 in B&H for a 72mm size. Do they worth the money?



I do not have any exp. with them but have been researching filters recently. Not sure what site I was on but the Zeiss Softar was highly praised and while it was described as being much more expensive than others it was considered to be worth it if your work was critical or highly important to you. Good luck...


If you go to the Zeiss homepage, you will find an short article about the Zeis softars in one of the CLN editions. I can not remember anymore in which one.

I have not put it yet on this site....



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Softar I (weakest) should be enough. Zeiss has good ex&le pictures using a baby doll:
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Give also the Minolta Portrayer 3-Filter-Kit a try (picz on
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. Or a "used" Rodenstock Imagon from ebay ("Japanese oriented portraiture") + Adapters...
Apart from that I -personally- like portraits with "poorentiefer Schaerfe". It's your client who paies and decides finally.