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Some help with my Contax RTSIII please



Dear friends, hi to all. I would highly appreciate some help about the usage of my RTSIII. The fact is that this camera came to my hands because of familiar reasons about three months ago (I had had a yashica 109 for about 5 years, and this had been my experience with photography). I really like photography, and Contax is great! As you will imagine I am very excited with all the possibilities of the camera, but I need some (maybe even a bit more!) of assessment by experts like you. I don’t exactly know how to use the flash (Metz Ct-7) with the pre-flash. As I have read in the Contax page (Thanks Ron!) it is normal that the RTSIII gives two readings… but isn’t this very confusing? Which one should I born in mind? I adjust according to the pre-flash and then when I shoot the viewfinder indicates underexposure… So which reading should I take into account? Thanks a lot for your help. Petinto.


Well-Known Member
Hi Petinto,

The pre-flash readings should be the same. That is the whole point of having the pre flash metered. If they are not there are several reasons why;

1) Are you pointing the camera at EXACTLY the same area when doing pre-flash and taking the shot? If not this could indicate why the readings are different. Remember that the RTSiii uses spot metering for flash.

2) Are you allowing the flash to fully charge? If the flash is still charging it will not give as good an output as when fully charged.

3) I hope this is not the case - either the flash or the camera are at fault. Try another flash first. If that solves it then dump or repair your Metz. If the problem persists then have your camera checked by a Contax repair shop.

Hope that helps?



Thanks a lot Clive for your advise. I will mount the camera on a tripod and will check the exposure... At least now I know that this is not normal! I will also try with a different flash and will tell you about the results. Thanks again and best regards from Spain. Petinto.