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Some X-pan Photos in B&W

Cyril Jayant

Well-Known Member
This series continues and amazingly my developed negative lot is getting more. It'll be a real pleasure to share my images here among you,guys with great experience. This is a new discovery for me to find about this great X-pan, as I have several other systems to Leica and Square-format .
But I think properly composed and arranged images can produced with more visual effect in Pano. format.

Thanks Dave----



Well-Known Member
Great set of captures.

I'm not sure about the horizon on a couple but that is outweighed by the overall quality of the complete work which is very high.


Cyril Jayant

Well-Known Member
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Hi Swissblad ! Thank you.
I have switched in to Hblad Flextight 5X scanner. Started hiring from a Pro Lab, did archiving some of my old negatives. I can't believe the scans are very different from Nikon cool scan. Nothing to say, first time I see some of my highest quality in all the scans. If you have not tried it please do it and it is worth to get the best out of every or selected Hasselblad negative. They are unique and deserve finish with a Blad scanning>:D


Well-Known Member
Thanks for the reply, Cyril.
I tried a Epson V750 and was not too happy - will see where I can rent a flex tight.
Keep shooting!