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Something Different


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These images sort of came from just looking around in an area where I stopped for a bit of lunch.

While they may not be up to everyone's idea of what an image should be, I sort of liked them personally for their design. So what the heck...out came the camera!

The frosted ferns were flat against the groundin a little clear area. When I bent down, I could see that the frost was taking on the color of the very blue sky. I put on a neutral density filter to increase exposure time, and this brought out those blues in quite a strong manner. I pondered whether to "tone the blues down", but in the end just left it as it was "out of camera". In my opinion, the blues help augment the rich colors of red, rust and brown in the other parts of the image.

The large Western Red Cedar tree with the "railing branch" and solitary fern also caught my eye. I'm not sure what it might represent, but I felt that homing in on the rather truncated and wholly individual design elements that it gave a sort of unconventional image.

It's all in the eye of the beholder, of course! :proud: It's never a mistake to experiment, as far as I'm concerned.


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Guest .

Hi Laurence,

I like the second one! :) Both shots have nice natural colours. They are close looks to nature.

See you with nice pictures



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Hi Laurence,

The first one, is interesting to see frost on ferns, in the area I live at, I can not recall that is something that I would see. The blue is interesting and the patterns of the ferns is cool.

The second one, again is cool, in the fact of the range of greens, from dark to yellow. As well as the red and crimson with the dark brown of the cedar. Very interesting mix of patterns, shapes, textures and colors.

Good luck with your pics!



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Interesting pictures Laurence!

I also observe that the first picture is not sharp...a focus issue? And the second image has a shallow DOF?

Thanks for sharing!