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Something is definitely going on Check B&H prices



Something is going on. Just check some of B&H prices for Contax manual-focus lens line. I see a lot of lenses that dropped 10% in their price.

Here are some ex&les:

Contax 135mm f/2.8 MM Sonnar: $355.46
Contax 100mm f/2.8 MM Makro-Planar: $ 1,439.96
Contax 100mm f/2.0 MM Planar: $ 1,318.46
Contax 85mm f/1.4 MM Planar: $ 782.96

Now compare it to Adorama:

contax 135mm f/2.8 MM Sonnar: $394.95
Contax 100mm f/2.8 MM Makro-Planar: $1,599.95
Contax 85mm f/1.4 MM Planar: $869.95

I wonder if this is a sale of some sort at B&H, or maybe they just got fresh stock which turned out to be cheaper due to different exchange rate with yen or maybe it's a permanent price reduction? Or maybe they even got "advance" news from Kyocera or Zeiss about manual-focus line nearing the dead-end? Or maybe vice versa - new lenses coming out?

Very curious thing...

But at these prices, I might get one lens I wanted for a long time



These prices are standard due to "contax" yearly national sales event. Here is a paste of a note from B&H (this happens every year):

From: Henry Posner <>
October 30 through November 9 are the dates for the Contax sales event.
Dealers nationwide, including B&H, are participating. B&H's web site prices
will reflect event discounts, except where MAP agreements oblige us to
employ a "click here for better price" ploy. All valid rebates will
continue to apply, on top of the event specials. (Note -- Contax USA
rebates are only valid for customers with USA mailing addresses. The rebate
company won't mail money out of the USA).

B&H sells only Contax USA warranted merchandise -- no "grey market" -- and
ships worldwide.


I think the difference between B&H and Adorama is that B&H is applying the 10% discount being offered on Contax immediately whereas Adorama asks you to add the 10% discount when you checkout (i.e., the price shown is before the 10% discount whereas B&H shows the price after the discount). So, if you apply 10% discount to Adorama prices, their the same as B&Hs.


Aaa, right. Forgot that they do that (10% discount that is).

Does anyone know what the deal is with RTS III on B&H? It's listed as special order item now. Is it because it's no longer officially manufactured or it's because of low interest?

Also, does anyone know where or when I can get RXII?