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Somethingbs going on


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News from ZEISS:
After I have asked two times for information about the future of the Y/C-System, I got an email, that they will answer my questions at least in the middle of next week.

I Think, there might be an official press release then.

Good news or bad news ? We'll see



Thanks for keeping us posted Matthias. I do hope there is some announcement one way or another next week. My fingers are crossed for good news! -Lynn PS: By the way, in another thread some weeks ago I mentioned that Zeiss Germany offered to send me s&le images (to me in the US) made with their spotting scope and their regular camera adapter. They followed through true to their word - and went the extra mile by labelling the pictures and making an over view of the site where they did the shoot. Pictures were labeled for disances from 7 meters to 6000 meters and I am actually quite pleased with that that combination can produce. More than that, they sure did create a stronger loyalty in me for Zeiss. How often do you get a personal letter coming across an ocean from a big company just for one little consumer! Not to mention the time they spent taking the pictures and processing the film just for ONE customer. Bravo Zeiss Germany!! -Lynn


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The future of c/y system? I will bet it will
go the way of the Olympus manual system.
Advertising for the Contax National Event
does not mention the manual system.


"The future of c/y system? I will bet it will
go the way of the Olympus manual system."

That would be too bad, but it looks like most comapnaies are going that way, Even Nikon is moving to the all "G" type lens.

I think it's too bad they don't evelop a digital back, along the lines of the Leica, for the RTS III. That would be advancement I think


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ZEISS was answering as proposed, in German, I translate the most important phrases:
Yes, they do want (!) to develop more lenses for the different CONTAX systems, "even for the RTS-system".
"we know that Kyocera is working on new cameras for this systems - analog ones and digital ones." does that mean new cameras, especially digital ones, even for the RTS-system? The German language leaves this to the reader ...
But ZEISS is not allowed to present details, but ZEISS will beg KYOCERA to present a roadmap for the future of the CONTAX-Systems to the CONTAX-photographers.

I think, ZEISS has understood, that the customers will leave KYOCERA and ZEISS, when there is no information and: It's the customer who pays the salaries.

Nothing really new, we'll have to wait. But "something's seems to be going on".




Any word from Contax? I just checked the Kyocera site and under "news" nothing pertains to your question regarding the future of the manual focus line.



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not more than i told last week. KYOCERA itself obviously hasn't anything to say. ZEISS would have something to say, but isn't allowed to.

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