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Sony DSLR and Zeiss lenses



I just saw the new section on the Zeiss site (German and English) for Sony cooperation:

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Interestingly, the image of the Sony cybershot camera is looking different to my Sony R1. I do not know whether this is a Sony F828. Can anybody comment on this? Some parts like like it, some don't

My R1 has a silver shutter releasse and the on-off "hubble" has 3 littele spots on the top.

On this image the on-off switch is in black and is missing the 3 spots.

The text of the page is written very general and can be interpreted for both, the old cybershots and a new DSLR system...



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Two possibilities, it could be a variant of R1 with different on-off switch.

If it is the new Sony camera, it closely resembles R1 with very similar look for the lens and the flash compartment.

I strongly believe Sony will introduce a system with interchangable lenses but not having a mirror. It will have the same sensor size as R1. This photo could be it.