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Sony Press Conference on video (A6500/RX100 MkV)


What I do find interesting in that press conference is this chart:


Sony claims, that they are doing better than the averga market. Sony increases, that market descreases. Both measured in value, not unit numbers. But this is IMHO not the real story. Of course the market is decreasing in value. fewer units are sold AND competition in prices makes each unit cheaper ofer the last couple of years. You do get nowadays a fullframe camera for 1.200 USD. 3 years ago, this was unthinkable!

So what is Sony trying to do here, if they only show numbers in value, not units and additional separated by market (mass market, enthusiaust market etc.)? They try to hide that the increase of their still cameras is succeeded by major part with price increases (compare prices of Sony RX100 Mk1 vs. RX 100 MkV or Sony A6000 vs. Sony A6500). This does not say anything about units and real market share as long as we do not get more detailed information...

Of course Sony will try with higher models to get into the enthusiast market as everybody else, because the P&S market is eaten up by smartphones...


This is another chart they showed in the general part. This is what Sony believes enthusiasts are looking for the most. I personally disagree with that, at least partly. As mentioned above, as long as Sony does not fill the gaps in its NATIVE (non adapter) lens line up, there is no need to release new bodies with higher resolution or more speed. Resolution, high ISO and speed is already good enough for most customers. So why this stubberness to improve features which are already good in Sony cameras and at the same time bury one's head in the sand what is really missing in the camera SYSTEM of Sony?

I get the impresion the engineers of Sony are more interested in collecting awards for technological achievements instead of offering the right lens choice asap for their customers...

Now it gets in the press conference more about the RX100 V specifically. Great camera as we all know. No doubt about that. The more expensive it gets with each generation, the less the nomal mass market is buying it. That sound logical.


So more and more fullframe owners buy the more expensive models of the RX100. Nothing new. Also others like Canon etc. are addressing this market with their 1 inch sensor P&S. IHMO Nikon even better with its Nikon 1 system. This is also a 1 inch sensor, but ILC system, which gives you more flexibility in focal range.


With this chart, I am a little bit confused. Is Nikon not offereing since years this kind of technology in its Nikon 1 system? With Hybrid AF and 179 AF points (Nikon J5, the Nikon V3 maybe more)?

Sony RX100 V has 24fps. That is great. But Nikons J5 & V3 has 20 fps with continues AF Tracking and 60 fps with "frozen AF" is not bad either ;)

Do not get me wrong. I do not want to bash the RX100 V, but I do think that we have to put all this marketing hype into a perspective to alternatives already out there for years. Sony asks 1.200.- Euro for this really very good camera. But then we have to give our users also an overview, what else they can have with similar specs...

The RX100 MkV is a great camera. I did use years ago a RX100 Mk1 for myself and was happy (mostly) with it. Every camera is a compromise. The more choice we have, the better it is for us. Competition is good. Good marketing too. Sony is way better in marketing their products than Nikon for example (see the bad marketing/lack of marketing for their Nikon 1 system).

I hope that Sony will come soon with a real system around their 1 inch sensor. Exactly the same like the Nikon 1 system. Sony pleaaaaaaase take the Sony Rx100 Mk5, put a lens mount on it and offer a meaningful range of native 1 inch Zeiss lenses for it (from day 1 on, not after 1o years).

THAT would destroy the market!

More to come about that press conference...


So here we go with the A6500 part of the press conference:

All the new features are described. Image quality shall be better than of the A6300 because of the new front-end LSI design. Touchpad to pick the focus point. Wide coverage of focussing area.






According to a photographer who was invideted by Sony to this press event to speak about his experience, the AF just rocks for spport events. See his images:






So this sounds all very good. The first real life test/reviews will show how it really differes from other brands...