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Sony R1 Vs Canon 350D EFS 60mm 28 macro


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Well, I come back to Canon again after been using R1 for a few months. I am switching because I really need a macro lens. R1's macro is just not enough, its magnification is about 1: 4.5.

I found an interesting macro lens, the EF-S 60mm 2.8 for small frame Canon only. This lens is a lot sharper than EF 50mm 2.5 macro. I had been using this 50mm lens and it was not very exciting in 10D.

EF-S 60 is able to focus down to 1:1 and quite interestingly the lens does not extend or retract when focusing. This point is very different from my C-Y 100mm Makro-Planar or C645 120mm Makro-Planar. This 60mm lens is very small, it focuses by the movement of the inner lens elements without any movement of the front and rear glass elements.

The images from the Canon look more crisp, although it might contain less fine details.



The first image comes from R1, second from 350D with 60. Both taken exactly at the same studio lighting. R1 was at ISO160 f9 1/2000s, Canon at ISO100, f8, 1/200s. Both images were recorded in Adobe RGB. Both images had brightness and contrast but NOT colour adjustments.

What do you think of the images ?


I find obviously that second images has more DOF and more natural colors ; only the specifications of the lens are sharper in first image .


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Well, I am more used to the colour of R1 images, it is typical those from Zeiss, it is warmer, looks like from lower temperature light.

The one from Canon looks like it has higher temperature. It is typical from camaras like Canon or Leica.

Perhaps I will sell the 350D and go for the New Sony SLR with Zeiss Makro, if they have one.


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If you wish to convert 350D's colour rendition to R1, go to convert the white balance shift to A9,0/+0. It means adding +9 to amber.