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Speculations on the D70


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Nikon announced a new digital SLR for next spring today. The model is called D70. Prices are not available yet, but rumours are talking about 1100 Euro. It is obvious that the price will depend on the competition, especially the Canon 300D.

What are your thoughts about it, what features shall the D70 have?


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Does this forum have Nikons ear? I really hope there listening.

I would hope that feature wise, it would surpass the Canon 300D (Including a NON plastic body and spot metering and a mirror lockup) If it ended up NOT being a dumbed down D100 (like the 300D is a dumbed down 10D)...and the price was a little higher....I think it would stir up the market quite a bit.

Instead of paying $1000.00 for body and lens of something that just quite isn’t what I want (the D300)....I would have a camera I truly desire (the D70) for say $100.00-$150.00 more. A stretch I could easily justify if done correctly.

Not only would this be smart in the market place by drawing not only new people (like me) to the dedication of Nikon lenses...but it would give the film holdouts no more reason to shy away from exploring the world of digital.

And if the D70 actually was an evolution of the D100 I think you would not only hold your own in the market...but to put a REAL DSLR in the hands of enthusiasts...for the price they are expecting to have to make compromises at (like Canon expects) Nikon would OWN the market and trump Canons attempt to be first....with Nikon being the best.

This spring I will part with approximatly $1000.00 of my hard earned money for whatever entry level DSLR is the best....I hope (and want) it to be in the direction of Nikon.

That is my 100,000 cents worth (and wish list)

Roman Johnston
I'd like to see a camera with these features also but i'm afraid to compete with Canon, The D70 will have to match the Digital Rebel item for item including price. Otherwise new buyers will take the Canon over the Nikon to save $150. This camera will attract buyers that are new to thr SLR world & don't know what mirror lockup is or used for. Even the D100 has a plastic body so the D70 won't be any tougher. They will buy it with the attached lens then maybe buy accessories as the needs happen. Maybe a rumored D200 will have the features your looking for. My 2 cents worth.



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The D100 has a plastic body, but it has a metal sub structure. (frame) The 300D is all plastic (and rather cheesy feeling in the end, it doesn’t inspire confidence at all).

I don’t think Nikon will sit on its laurels and only match the 300D.... not in this market place. They need to be the top dog that they are.

Canon makes innovative products.....Nikon makes photographic tools.

People have gotten very savvy and read the reviews. (like DPreview) and know a good bargain when they see one....(and its reported so by a impartial 3rd party like that)

Oh...Mirror Lock Up is a way to reduce vibration for like long exposure shots by lifting the mirror and locking it in place instead of the usual slap that occurs when it lifts up when you press the shutter button.

The mirror is what allows you to see through the viewfinder (real-time) what is viewed down the barrel of the lens and always lifts out of the way to expose the CCD (or film) behind it when an exposure is taken.

That’s why your viewfinder goes dark in a SLR (digital or film) when you snap the exposure.




If you have a tight budget right now, I would really think hard whether you want to spend the money now. Looking at the past 3 years in digital photography, you can seriously expect a digital SLR with similar capabilities of the Canon 300D for 500-700 USD.

The price war will start in 2004. There are a couple of interesting fairs within the first 3 months next year and in Septmeber photokina is coming.

IMO it will be really a price war for gaining market share in 2004. None of the competitors of Canon will sit, wait and watch passively how Canon is passing the 50% market share for the digital SLR's.

The Nikon D70 will be surely interesting, but really interesting will be everything announced until/ at the photokina 2004. It is a question of surviving for certain brandnames. So expect a lot of price chnages, product announcements etc.

A Nikon D200 for 700-990 USD (internet price) or less is my bed for December 2004.

Do not laugh. When the Canon 10D was announced for 2000 USD, nobody would have believed that a few months later basically the same camera would be available for 900 USD (Canon 300D). And bear in mind: Also a Nikon D70 is not a better camera than a similar Nikon analog model for 500 USD. The D70 just needs more accessories and batteries


Well-Known Member
Based on Nikon's naming conventions the D70 will most likley not be a "better" camera than the D100. Maybe a couple of newer features like the N75 vs the N80, but that is about it. If Nikon doesn't hurry up to release the D70 Canon may be able to overshadow it with an announcement of yet a newer model. This will hurt the Nikon sales.

There is no doubt that Nikon is a bit behind in the race to develop new digital cameras. On the one hand this makes some existing owners happy because their cameras do not become obsolete so soon, on the other hand it continues to disappoint the people who are still waiting for the ideal digital camera.


Well-Known Member
I do have a tight budget, but in the spring, I will be in a position to buy (been saving quite a while now) I wolnt hold off though as every second without a powerful tool in my hand is another second missing my shots I wish to take.

If the D70 isnt as good as the D100 (which is geting a little long in the tooth) then I will just get the D100 or the 10D.

More than likely the D100 will be my none of the Canon bodys give me spot metering which I use a lot currently on my Coolpix 5700, and used a lot on my 8008s I used to own.

I just want a responsive camera (compared to the digicams and prosumer stuff that is out there)

Tired of missing shots of like wildlife due to slow reaction time...and shooting my friends wedding was murder with my 5700 (they still turned out good, and they are pleased...but it stretched my knowledge of the camera to get acceptable results).

Im a computer technician and have learned....there will always be a newer evolution....or a better deal around the corner.

I have learned to just buy what you need.....use it to its maximum....and upgrade when its unbearable to stick with what you have. For me, there is no winning by waiting in this market....because I would just deprive myself from the tool I need to be creative.



Well-Known Member

Expect the replacement for the D100 to be announced at or around the time of the PMA show in early February. Since the time is quite short, waiting may be quite profitable.

Also expect the learning curve of any dSLR to be equal or greater than the CP5700.



Well-Known Member
Oh....I plan on waiting even a few months after that. I am guessing I will have the money saved by April....which will be perfect.

As for the DSLR, the biggest problem would have been solved with brighter glass and the extra speed between shots and reduced focus time (especially in darker environments) with the DSLR. Speed is the biggest hurdle with the 5700 I had to jump. It still would have been challenging....but the camera wouldnt have been as big a part of the hurdle.

I know the controls of my camera pretty well (and it cant be anymore of a learning curve than my 8008s. I know the 5700 has some very good features....but even you must admit that the DSLR with a decent bright lens would have been faster reacting in a darker wedding environment.

(I utalized the flash but it was a dark older church with dark paneling and a darker winter day and since it was an historic church...the lighting was limited as well....made for a shoot that stretched my mind a bit. Also wouldnt have minded a little better range on my ISO settings)



Active Member
Posted by Roman Johnston (Roman) on Thursday, December 11, 2003 - 7:20


Oh...Mirror Lock Up is a way to reduce vibration for like long exposure shots by lifting the mirror and locking it in place instead of the usual slap that occurs when it lifts up when you press the shutter button.

Roman, don't count on there being mirror lock-up in the D70; it's not

on the D100 nor on the F100 film camera (which is otherwise quite well

built). I believe the issue is that the shutter mechanism used in these

cameras, as opposed to the D1 and F5 series, is a bit less light-proof

- so in fact the mirror in the down position helps to shield the imager

(or film) from light when you remove the lens to switch it.

BobF >


New Member
> > > > Bob, Sorry, I'll have to disagree with you on your assessment of the > D100. It does indeed have a locking mirror ability that tucks it out > of the way just before the shot is taken. I use it all the time for > slow exposures. Check your menu settings, but it's in there. > > >


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The menu is "anti mirror shock mode. Read it in DPreview.

Was actually on another forum...and one person said he wasn’t at liberty to give details, but said the wait for the D70 would be well rewarded and maybe a bit surprising.

I have my hunches.....does Nikon ever use trusted pros to test their equipment to give it final tweaks?

(scratching my chin here....hummmmmm)



New Member
> The only thing I regret about buying my D100 is that I didn't do it sooner. I got a 24-120 VR lens to go on it and the combination has taken my photography to a new level.

When the D200 (or whatever it is) comes out to upgrade the D100, I won't wait nearly as long. I probably won't sell the D100 either, I'll keep it as a backup.

Either way, when the new models come out, the D100 will become even more "affordable," and will still be an extremely capable camera.

Not only that it will still handle like a Nikon, and still look like a Nikon, without that hump-shouldered Canon profile that looks like Darth Vader's helmet, left by the fire until it got all soft and melty. ;-) >


Well-Known Member
Not only that it will still handle like a Nikon, and still look like a Nikon, without that hump-shouldered Canon profile that looks like Darth Vader's helmet, left by the fire until it got all soft and melty. ;-) >

Thanks for the description.



I have to agree with everything said about the 5700 and Canon's appearance. I have been trying to replace my DSLR that I sold and fortunately have not bought anything yet. I almost ended up with the 10D but the seller on auction was a fraud. So maybe that was just Karma's way of letting me know I should have been waiting a few more days. Shortly after that fun experience, I received a note from a friend about this new D70. I was so excited since one of my favorite cameras (film) is the N70. I love the controls, speed and metering. The feel of it in my hand is more natural than any Canon I have ever picked up. I thought about the D100 but the price is just out of reach right now. Nikon has never let me down and I think this camera will out perform Canons model and have the feel of a real Pro camera. I even purchased a lens already in anticipation. I will have to go shoot some film with the N70 in preparation.

One problem I have had with digital is color. I don't seem to be able to reproduce the quality of slide film even with saturation and Photoshop tweaking. It leaves me a bit disenfranchised with digital... please Nikon, send me a camera that produces as good a quality image as Velvia 50!!! Boy, that would be a nice ISO setting I haven't seen yet in any camera.

No more Vader Helmets Canon!!!


Well-Known Member
Mark, I really dont mean this comment in a nasty way....but are you really experienced in photoshop? I get great color out of my Nikon 5700 and the Canon S50 I currently own.... (Also used to have an 8008s system in my film days)

Might be your monitor?!? ( might be talkin out my arse here.....for all I might be a photoshop genious with all the calibration equipment in the world)

I have shot and digital...and while it does need photoshop tweaks to pop the color out many times.......and I too have seen film has a slight edge...I've never go to a point where digital is lackluster in comparison....or to the point of concern.



I have to agree with Ginger on the 24-120 AFSVR lens I added it last year and it hardly ever leaves my S2pro body its a great all round lens I just wish my S1pro was fully functional with it.


No harm, I just think the colors POP better with slide film. I shot roughly 10,000 pic with the 5700 and compared the results with many pics I shot with film prior and could see a huge difference. I am usually pushing the slide film and used the 5700 a lot of the time at -.7 exposure to "thicken" the color a little more (I thought it was thin at 0) and I up-ed the saturation a bit.

As for Photoshop, I have been using it for quite a while with much success but no amount of tweaking could change my mind about the difference b/w slide and digital (to date). Unfortunately, I am reluctant to shoot film b/c I am saving that $$$ for my new camera. <kick myself everyday for not shooting>

One thing that does come to mind is the glass. Having such a wide range does limit the glass a bit. I am accustomed to using zooms but not to that extent... Who knows? My colors don't lie though. Check out
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There have been fewer additions since I switched to digital. !!BUT!! I am always up for a challenge and any insight anyone has so keep me posted! I always like a good challenge with my creation and I appreciate the feedback.


I am considering the D100 right now and will probably get it very soon… might make a believer out of me yet