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Speed of AF


New Member
Can someone tell how fast the auto-focus of the new 6008AF would work? How it compares to Contax 645 or Hasselblad H1?



Hi Paul,

I have not used one for myself, but in one German photomagazine it was tested and not THAT fast. They said that the AF cameras for 35mmm would be significant faster.

But this seems to be the case for almost all MF cameras. Not because of the size, more becuase of the copyrights on certain techniques which are with the turnover numbers of MF vs. 35mm to high. So they seem to use older AF's, which are less expensive. Since there is not really a better alternative in MF, it is fine for them.

But what are you shooting with MF that you need an AF?



New Member
> Thanks for Dirk's reply. I plan to use the MF camera with AF to shoot the cowboys chasing the horses. This required to have continuous auto-focus function.




in this situation, the 6008 AF might not be the best choice. If you HAVE TO use MF for this, the AF of the Hasselblad H1 might be the fastest one of all 3. But it is not 6x6 and there are no Zeiss lenses with it.

But if you are also allowed by your client to use 35mm, I would go with a Canon or Nikon (but no Digital because of the shutterlag)

Just my 2 cents



New Member
Dirk: Your replies to Paul collectively imply
your belief that 6008 AF speeds are too slow to
keep up with running horses, charging wildlife,
fast-approaching dogs, aircraft flying by, etc.
If so, what is it useful for? My eyesight isn't
the best anymore (diabetes), so I thought AF
would be a big help, but I don't want to spend
money foolishly. I plan to use telephotos a lot,
and could use one less thing to do, provided that
the AF doesn't leave me wishing for more AF
speed. I don't actually NEED MF, but I would
just like to have it, just for the sheer novelty
of it, and for the larger negative/slide size.
Please advise - your 2 cents worth would be much
more valuable than that!}}}


Hi Victor,

please bear in mind that I have never used the 6008 AF myself. I hope to get a test-s&le in autumn for a day or so from Rollei. All I can say is what I read in the German press, so you should take that with a grain of salt. And in the press they say the H1 is faster in AF.

I think Medium Format is just a very exciting thing, especially 6x6. But of course it is heavier, more uncomfortable and sometimes slower than a normal 135 system.

I do not think that any Medium Format camera is good for shooting sports etc. You just use MF for different subjects. It is like painting - you take your time to compose and think what the end resukt should be and this is one of the pleasures in MF.

So the question is more what you really want to use it for. And try to get one at your local dealer in your hands to test the speed and if you like it.


New Member
I have used the Rollei 6008AF with 180mm 2.8 in AF mode at horse races. The photos were remarkable. Where motion is continuous and predictable it works well; where it is unpredicatble it is not so practical; but this is also true with Nikon AF 35mm systems which I have used at ballet performances. There are times when focusing is easier without AF, but for the most part it is addictive because it is much faster than manual focus, even if you have to focus in the center and then move the camera. In practice I find the AF system incredibly fast even under dim light - but in fog it is of course not much use. By the way, the mirror IS noisy, but mirror shake is non existant. I know because I use my 6008 AF for astrophotographs where I have it mounted on a motorized base together with a telescope which I use to guide. The view through the telescope is highly magnified and computer monitored. When I flip the mirror the magnified star image does not even jiggle a little. Furthermore, even advancing the film with the motor does not make the star budge. The 110 f2 and 180mm 2.8 AF are the most incredible lenses I have ever used on pinpoint star images. Stopped down 1/3 or 2/3 of a stop from maximum aperture they yield nearly perfect sharpness across the field and into the corners. This is a PERFECT camera system; but heavy with these fast, high performance lenses.