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Speedlite SB800 Remote Question

I have one SB-800 flash unit, and a Nikon d80...

can i use this flash remotely by itself...if so how... or do i need multiple flashes... also can it work remotely with the built in flash..thx


New Member

Yes - you just need to set flash in your menu to "control" and then swith the sb-800 to wireless using the settings recommended for your region (mine are C channel) and you use the onboard flash to fire the wireless sb-800 - it's all in the manual.

Hello Daniel,

indeed it is all in the manual (about 125pages). I have read it 10 times, i have tried it 20 times but when I'm in the feeld and I want to use it I still need my manual (or my notes). No ... it is not that difficult but you need to spend some time whit your manuals (both d80 and sb800). It is a complex system. Try al the settings that they discribe at home. You need to learn to use your channels.

You can use your camera as a wireless commander for your sb800.

A help could be, that you write some settings on a card that you will always keep with you on the field, this as a reminder. It will be a great help for the nexts few mounths. After that you will not need it anymore.

Good luck


In the D80 manual see pages 96 & 97.

In the SB800 manual see pages 76 thru 79.

You should also look for online discussions under "CLS", "commander mode" or "remote wireless flash with SB800".

Same basic rules apply for my D200 and SB600s that I use.

Good luck,

Jim M.


Also try here for additional info -

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The last two can be printed or copied and pasted into a word file and printed out in any size. I've made memory cards for myself from them for those times when I go stupid; have hem in my camera bag as memory joggers.

Jim M.