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Spot Focus



on page 58 of the instruction manual it explains how to lock the local/spot focus area. I just bought my maxxum 7 and am trying to learn how to use this great camera but I'm not understanding how to take advantage of this function. After I move the switch to the lock position and press the shutter release, it seems to refocus. To me the focus should stay locked. Am I doing something wrong? If there is anybody out there that knows and wants to make an old man feel stupid, now's your chance!
Thanks for reading!


Never mind. I figured out that the focus lock only means that the selected individual focus sensor is the only one that will be used for focusing. What an impressive piece of equipment. I love this thing!


New Member

The way to lock the focus is to hold down the manual focus button near the AEL button. You can program this in custom functions so that you don't have to hold it down, but that pressing it activates MF (thus locking focus) and pressing again reactivates AF. This is how I use it - excellent for portraits.