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Spot Metering Button

Hello. I had recently purchased a T90 and immediately sent it to local Canon service center for under warranty revision. One of my concerns about its operation is that when I press the spot metering button nothing happens in the viewfinder. It stays off.

Manual says that pressing this buttons activates both viewfinders showing AEL mark, speed and aperture on the bottom and the exposure difference on the right. This only happen when, after pressing spot button I press the shutter half-way.

Is my camera defective and I have to claim its repair or the manual doesn’t provided accurate info in this case?

Any help would be very welcome.



Active Member
Ricardo when you tried this was your camera metering mode in spot meter mode? if not the buton does nothing. See apge 34 and 35 of the manual. There is detailed instructions on use of the Spot meter starting on page 48 of the manual as well.

All that said Canon does not do any work on T90's and hasn't for years. Are you refering to a private repair center that also works on Canon cameras as a licensed service center. Because this will only be the newer EF mount cameras. Canon quit helping the FD mount bodies at least ten years ago with the F-1N being the last body they serviced under Company Service.
I tried this on all metering modes. When I set the spot meter mode the viewfinder still not lights up when pressing the spot button but it locks the spot metering and I could see the exposure bar on the right and the exposure data on the bottom when I pressed the shutter button halfway.

Is this the correct operation?

I sent my camera to a Authorized Service Center here in São Paulo. They provide services under warranty for new camera as well services for old ones, if they have the parts to do that.

Thank you Mark



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OK lets try this.

1. Make sure you have good batteries in the camera
2. camera switch on
3. Make sure the Viewfinder display selector switch (under the little door on the side of the body) Is turned to the #(light bulb symbol) or the solid round dot. NOT THE o symbol.
4. metering mode in SPOT
5. Mode in PROGRAM
6. Point the camera at a light source
7. press the spot metering button just to the left rear of the shutter button.

The light bluish metering display along the right side of the viewfinder should light up with one small < arrow pointer then move the camera to point at a point with slightly less light then the first metered point. A second little < arrow should appear on the display do this a couple more times with different levels of light and you should end up with a number of little arrows.

During this the red LED's meter display should be lite up along the bottom of the viewfinder.

If they do not then You have a problem with your camera as it is not behaving properly.
Auto exposure mode might be in Program???

This is the only thing I haven't check yet. I will go to the service center tomorrow and list their malfunction report and test it according to your guideline.

Since the dealer who sold it to me is paying for repairs I won't pick it up if I felt uncomfortable with its operation.

Thank you for your help Mark,