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SPP 3.5.2 Now available


Sigma have just made SPP 3.5.2 available for download :z04_9856:

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From early reports, it is said to be much better, especially in processing reds.

I look forward to some reports...


Is Sigma 3.5.2 compatible with the SD14? I downloaded the SD14 version and I do not seem to be able to get as good pictures with my raw as the SPP 2.5. :( And it's annoying that I can't drag the sliders... Anyone else finds it annoying too?



I just saw this posting now. Thanks for the information Steve.

@ Fishmaster

Yes, it is compatible with all Sigma cameras as far as I know. But definetely with Sd14, DP1 and DP2. You need to deinstall first the old version or install the new version at least in a new directory. Otherwise this will cause trouble.

I can move the sliders (Windows XP SP3).

Best wishes


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One thing why you may see vey different images IN SPP2.5 and SPP3.5.2 is that the latest (and 3.5.1 too) is color managed and uses Windows default color profile. Some monitor software installers change windows default profile (Samsung Natural Color for example), of course profile is changed while using hardware calibration too. You may test with sRGB profile - using that SPP2.5 and 3.5.2 should look similar.

If you see different JPG files AFTER processing with SPP using same settings, then there are differences in processing algorithms. Certainly is changed partially overexposed areas recovery - SPP2.5 changed colors (red-yellow or red-blue), SPP3.5.2 makes such areas white. I have no information about other possible changes.



I've downloaded new SPP and test it for a while. At first I didn't like it because colors were very diferent to colors that SPP 2.1 make. They were very (over)saturated. Before, with SPP 2.1 in some photos I didn't have to change anything, now I do. But then I thought it's better if there are more colors which I can reduce, than less color, which than takes forever to obtain. Maybe it has something to do with color profile, I don't know. I'll have t get used to it.

Next thing I found very great is that images taken at higher ISO (800 or 1600) produce less noise. But at the same time the colors aren't pale, which is great. I know that it is software solution, and images are a little bit less sharp but still. There is almost no chroma noise. The image noise in now very acceptable. Noise in noe more film like, just like it sopose to be.

Auto processing fails big time sometimes unlike SPP2.1 whear auto processing was quite handy and correst.

Program is much slower. Image open time with SPP2.1 was aprox. 6 sec, with 3.5.2 it is 10 to 13 sec. But it's faster with larger folders.

Also it is possible to process jpegs which could come handy sometimes. And slide show is also cool asset.

If I'll have to deal with many photos, than I will use SPP2.1 otherwise I will use 3.5.2.

That is it for nw. I will test some more and I hope that it will serve me well.


Hi Fishmaster,

I heard now from some users, that SPP 3.52 might have some colour problems with the SD9. But I can not verify it, because I only have teh SD14...

Best wishes