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spp 4.1 thumbnail/review


New Member
I'm new to this forum, so apologies if this has already been asked (I did a quick search without finding anything)

The thumbnails and the initial review image are clearly created using a different algorithm/settings than either the original x3f or the 'auto' setting in SPP 4.1.

Sometimes that image is much 'better' than what I can create using the customisation options. Can anyone tellme how to capture that particular representation of the image file.

Many thanks



Well-Known Member
I wish I could talk to you on a more technical level...but here it goes...The thumb-nail views will always look are compressing the view into a small file that out-puts a specific number of an easy to use terms...I am going to old analog TV's...(Not Digital)...if you have a 13" TV and a 50" TV side by side using the same antenna’s....the snow on the 13" TV will be hardly perceptible to your naked-eye...but you look over at the 50" TV and same snow looks like golf or will see all the imperfections....Same holds true with the images from your thumb-nail files...there are viewers like infra-view that you can use to view files....but because it shrinks down the looks clearer...

One think you can do to clean up your images this way is to find a photo manipulation add-on software that will let you resize your JPG images...i.e. take them from 2650x2800 to 1280x900 or 800x600 ....most online viewing companies do this for you when you upload an image so that it does not use so much space....but there are freeware and cheap purchase software for this... I think I paid about 10USD for mine all I have to do is right click on the picture to resize it...

Hope this out...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: