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SPP 4.2 Auto and X3F Standard Processing


New Member
Hello All!

Just purchased my first SIGMA, an SD15; it is also my first DSLR. Never have snapped anything but JPGs so the world of RAW is new. I am using the Save Images and I have a choice to use X3F, Auto, or Custom. I have used X3F option for saving JPGs and the results are promising. When I choose Auto, almost all of the pictures look cooked! Overexposed. What is going on? I thought the Auto setting is supposed to look at content and then adjust automatically for the best picture. Most of the pictures I have taken so far are of people and portraits. Any help would be appreciated. I am not quite ready for custom processing yet. I was hoping for auto correction and forget it. What am I doing wrong? Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you all