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SPP "Auto Processing" Results


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In SPP, there is the function of letting the software come up with its "best guess" for processing an X3F file.

I actually prefer to use my own customizations for most images; however, here are some results from the Auto processing that are acceptable.

The usual 3D effect is prevalent, and to me these practice images jump right off the screen. That is marvelous, especially since the ferns are really not separated in a planar fashion!

This is impressive software. I am also pleased with the Auto function rendering of Sharpness - it comes out just about right for my eyes.


  • Sigma Fern 3D.jpg
    Sigma Fern 3D.jpg
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  • Fern Side 2.jpg
    Fern Side 2.jpg
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  • Stamen Macro.jpg
    Stamen Macro.jpg
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  • Mallow 3D.jpg
    Mallow 3D.jpg
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  • Mystical Orbit.jpg
    Mystical Orbit.jpg
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Guest .

Hi Lurence,

nice picture results you show here!

Well SIGMA-Digital + manual RAW-processing is a slow business ... it takes its time but it is worth doing each of your shots separately in manual mode. :)

See you with nice pictures