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SPP (Sigma Pro Photo) 3.52 is out...



Sigma updated it's Raw Converter to version 3.5.20 (Windows). This is the link:

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It should work with all Sigma cameras (SD & DP).

Officially it shall improve:

  • Improved processing performance in highlight areas of RAW images.
  • Exposure Warning is displayed to each RGB channels of the histogram.
  • Addition of "ProPhoto RGB" to the Color Space in "Save Image As".
Users from our German Sigma Forum report, that also the red problem gets fixed with it, but I have not checked this.

If you have still problems with reds in your images, my advise would be first to check the proper exposure of that shot and second try also to use Lightroom 2 for conversions and compare these with the SPP output. I have significantly less problems with LR recently compared to SPP 2.5 in specific situations. But SPP offers other advantages of course.

Third, check whether the red you see on your screen is the same as the red in your print. Just the basic colour management...

If you find still issues with SPP 3.52, please post it in this forum. We are in contact with Sigma and although tehy do not post officially in forums, they read the Sigma User forum too (German and English).

Best wishes