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SPP Tutorial


New Member
I'm using SPP for DP1 and SD14 and i thing the owner's manual from Sigma is very "small" for the image processing (exposure, fill light...).
I found on some forums indications like "first the white balance, after the color wheel, and then the others adjustements..."
What is your processing workflow ?
When did you use the different adjustement commands, in which order ?


Hi Sauclair,

first, a warm welcome in our Sigma user forum!

The workflow depends on the desired final output and of course on teh images.

If you use SPP, teher are not many things to change, if you use i.e. Lightroom, there are a lot more options. But Lightromm is not for every images of an SD14 and DP the best RAW converter.

In SPP, I would definetly use first the whte balance. The second, thirs etc. step would depend on the image. But sharpening would be the very last step, in case you do noit want to continue with modification in other software.

I know this is not a complete answer, but all depens on the individual image. You will learn the most with try & error.

Hope that helps a little bit.

Best wishes


Well-Known Member
One thing is IMHO important - while processing batch of pictures (of same scene), use always same settings for WB and color wheel (and usually fill light too) - otherwise gallery of these images would look awful.

Otherwise I'm doing like dirk noted - start with WB and color, then histogram functions (exposure etc) and sharpness at the very end. Some intermediate saves and looking at images in good jpg viewer don't hurt either.

If nothing helps, try negative fill light - can make some really bad shots into really artistic ones :)


New Member
Thanks for your reply,

My previous workflow was : auto process in SPP and then lightroom.

I have better results now with : process in SPP, export TIFF 8 bit / last process in lightroom (resize, export for blog and gallery)

My process in SPP is actually in order :
- white balance / color wheel
- exposure
- xfill light (+0.1 / +0.2 max)
- shadow / highlight, (or contrast) it depends of the picture
- change a little bit exposure if necessary
- saturation
- sharpness

and then, i save the parameters, and check what SPP does in "auto" to compare ...