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Spped up manual focus on Olympus E500


New Member

I was wondering if there was any way to increase the effect of the manual focus ring on the Olympus E-500 with the Zuiko 14-45 or 40-150 lenses. As in, when I turn the manual focus ring in manual focus mode, I want the focus to change faster (like full manual focus e.g. OM lenses). It seems that I have to spin the focus ring to get even a small change in focus.




Well-Known Member
Okay, my turn to ask for help. I'm trying to figure out what I need to use my E-1 or E330 to trigger one or more FL-50s remotely. Is anyone doing this, and does anyone have any suggestions of which transmitter/receiver combination would be best for this? Also, what would I use to have my on-camera flash trigger an off-camera flash?


B. D.


> Simply go to and purchase the transmiter and receiver > wireless equipment. You might find it in the UK also on e-bay. It > works with all cameras including the E series Olympus. Make sure to > get the 004 series receivers. The 001 do not


See this ex&le. I have used it very successfully for remote flash guns and resultant directional lighting from 100 metres from the camera. I first saw the idea with Nikon and searched for it on the web for Olympus. This works on all cameras. It is so cheaps too. :
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