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Spring 2009


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Spring weather has already come to Texas, the peaches are in bloom:


and Foxy gave birth to Rose a week ago:


Guest .

... yes ... a glimmer of light ... I am very much looking forward for the spring as well .... :)

See you with such nice pictures



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More Spring time photos

Apple Blossoms:


Blueberry Blossoms:


Morning water drops on an Orange tree leaf:


Kangaroo Paw:





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This rose took a little more work to have presentable:


The Red channel was a bit saturated and I used
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to make the adjustment using a single control point.


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Nice shot...

Out of all those I like the Kangaroo Paw shot....very nice and clean well done...and thank you for sharing...

Tony C.


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Life without IR blocking filter goes on

Having gotten comfortable blowing the glass particulates out of my SD14, see
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, I decided to give it a try.

To color compensate my SD14 for situations where I intentionally shoot with the IR blocking filter removed, I previously picked up a
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to easily switch between IR and visible in situations where I don't want to open the SD14 to the environment.

Here is little Rose:


now just over 2 months old, and weighing over 60 lbs, having her manditory TV time nap.

Ever see a Horse sleep of their back ?

Rose does all the time. She'll want to come in the house and head straight to the TV room where she'll want my friend and I to sit next to her, with the TV on, as she takes a 2 hour nap. I wish the SD14 could shoot video because Rose is a sight when she goes up and down the stairs between the first and second floors.

So far, all seems good with my SD14 and the imager dust has been remedied.