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Spring Light


New Member
The DP1 just amazes me the more I use it. Took this photo at -1 ev and then worked on it with SPP and Fill Light to get the desired effect. My better half wants it printed larger and hung on the wall. We like it a lot even though it does not have a spectacular image factor but the light plays well I think.


  • SDIM0187Babler LightLCEWebPost.jpg
    SDIM0187Babler LightLCEWebPost.jpg
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Well-Known Member
Hi Bruce,

Nice picture and lighting! I am a relatively *new* sigma foveon user too, and still get that *amazed* sensation when I see how realisically the camera captures what my eye can see.

On your pic, I find it interesting how on the lower right, the large green shaped leaves have a very similar shape as the flower petals. :)

good luck with your poster project,



Well-Known Member
Once you get over the quirks....I love mine too...

Great shot...

Tony C.