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New Member
Hi, I hope it is ok to post this here. There are no SR forums.

I've just bought an SR-1. It is pretty clean, just needing a quick once over. Looking through the viewfinder though, there are little black bits of fluff. I assume they came from the sponge which the mirror hits when it flips up as there was only a little of that left. Now there is none. It was so old that as soon as I breathed near it it disintegrated.
I've taken the small round metal eye-piece which you look through off and cleaned it. The mirror is clean and so is the bit above the mirror (I don't know its name). So I've come to the conclusion that it is inside the prism. It won't affect the film, but I'd like to remove it at some point. What do you recommend? How would I go about it, or should I not bother? If there is any chance of me damaging the camera I'll leave it there for good.
Here is the best picture I could get of it. It doesn't show all of the fluff, but gives you an idea.

Also, whilst I'm here. Do you think I got a good price for the camera? It is almost mint with everything working, although I have yet to run a film through it to check the seals. The inside is "as-new". The only marks on it are a small light circular scratch on base where the tripod goes. It came with a 50mm MC Rokkor f1.7 lens. I know that isn't the original. It also came with a new leather box to put it in. Including P&P it cost me £15.50.