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SSP and LR


New Member
I am here for the first time. I am really happy I just found this DP1 forum and hope that I will get a useful communication with its members!
I am a DP1 fan and use in addition the fantastic Sony A700. It really is amazing to see the IQ of the photo's I take with the compact DP1.
This time I am asking your help to make sure that I have set up an efficient and logical work-flow for applying SPP and LR.
So my question is:
How can I best handle the X3F files from my DP1? I prefer to use SPP because SPP produces the best IQ (in my view easier and better than LR) I then want to import in LR for archiving and for cropping etc.
However my workflow looks rather complicated:

1) copy X3F files from Reader Card to relevant date folders in D:\My pictures and back up these X3F files on extern. HD.

2) PP these X3F files in SPP and save in same folders either as TIFF's 16 bit or as high quality JPEG's (what to choose?).
3) Delete X3F files that have been PP in SPP, from D:\My pictures.

4) Import into Lightroom the date folders containing the photo's in either TIFF or JPEG.
5) pp (cropping etc.) in LR.

Is there a better and easier way of handling the above work? I also have PSCS3 available .
Thanks for advise!


Well-Known Member
Muizen...I wish there was...I use SSP first because it renders the pictures better from RAW then save like you said and use the third party software...

But I would make two changes...

Desktop-{(Folder) RAW-Photos}
{(Folder) Edited in SSP}
{(Folder) Edited in other program}

I keep all their separate...then I transfer the older files to a back-up HD since they are getting way cheap...this keep my workflow easy..and I don't have to figure out what I want to keep or not...

Also I label my folders by the upload date to my machine...

My alternate programs that I use are Aperutre/PS4/PP-Studio/Photoshop 7/Nikon NX2/....

There is a software called ReaConverter PRo that does see the X3F files...that lets you batch convert them..but I have not been able to make it work property.....

This is probably not what you want to hear...but I hope it helps some....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


New Member
How to save the SPP files

Thank you tc95 for your advise.
I think we are almost working in the same way.
I just would like to know how to save the processed X3F files that will be imported in Lightroom? Either as 16bit TIFF or as a highest quality JPEG?
In LR I will only do some cropping. Eventually these files will be exported as JPEG's for printing in Qimage or for placing in a PhotoAlbum.


Well-Known Member
For LR I would use a Tiff you have more information for LR to use...when I use PS I export as a Tiff file...but for some of the other programs...I just export as a large JPG....

Good Luck...Can not wait to see your work...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: