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Stacked Mutars?


Well-Known Member
Does anyone know if you can or has tried stacking a Mutar I and Mutar II. I was thinking of trying this on my Tele-Tessar 300mm. The II would need to go nearest the lens due to its mechanical configuration. I don't think I could damage anything. This would give me a 1200mm lens on my Leica M240 - spectacular. I got both Mutars as the II works on the T-T 300 and the I works on my 28-85 Vario Sonnar. These are great performing lenses on the M240 with an Adriano Lolli Contax to Leica M adapter, which I have modified to bring up the R lens menu on the 240.
The Tele Tessar is distinctly better than either of my Leica Telyt 280/f4.8's (S2 and S3), with higher resolving power and contrast together with sharper unvignetted corners. The Vario Sonnar is as good as the Leica 28-90 Vario Elmarit R at a fraction of the price. I got a virtually unused V-S for €350. I would not get a decent Vario Elmarit-R for under €4000.