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Still a great camera


I like the Minolta (Maxxum) 9000 AF a lot. Althoug it is already very old and the Af compared to teh newest top models slow, I like it using it in MF-mode.

It has the old, conservative design, a very solid construction and the handling is excellent for reaching and using all the comtrols and settings.

The only minor negative points are the slow AF, the lack of mirror lock-up and viewfinder for people who are wearing glasses.

Apart of that a real working horse!



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Sure. I just bought two used. Both of which have some minor problems. Now I've fixed one of them, and it's working perfectly. Still working on the other.

And do you know AI-1000? What kind of batteries does it use? Thanks!


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I just got a used 9000 with an intermittent problem - it will display 4000 and f22 then lock up. I think it needs a cleaning. Have you taken the top off to clean the switches and contacts - any suggestions? Thanks.


Put a test roll of expired film in it and try again. I think I got this 4000, f22 problem before.


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Old but interesting still


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I have a 7000 and always wanted a 9000 (I am a Minolta fan and have an SRT-101, XG-9, XD-11, a CL and CLE). I had to go through 3 9000s from ebay before I got one that really worked. It seems to me that as this was the first Pro level AF camera made by ANYONE, some imperfections (design flaws)such as the bleeding LCD panel would arise over time, yet I have heard of many 9000s that have taken abuse over the years and continue to soldier on. I like the controls so much better than on the 9xi or the 9, the 9000 has such simple, intuitive and easy to use controls


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I agree I own 3 9000 Bodies 2 Motor drives MD-90's, 2 AF 4000's, a CG-1000 and 4 Maxxum AF lenses. They are currentlyt dirt cheap and finding a good one is hard.