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Still No News of A Forthcoming Contax DSLR


PMA 2004 about to start this week in Las Vegas which has led to a flurry of Pre-PMA Announcements by camera companies. Does anyone know if Contax will even attend and if so will this be the time for unveiling of new N-Digital?


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Sorry Yuske,

I'd love to be the guy that announced the G3 (G Digital, known to be a working prototype) or a new N-digital....... but the best I can offer is this ...... !

"Keep up the good work and sort out the Forum guys. Bob, there will be 2 new Kyocera models launched at PMA I am waiting on info and will e-mail to you after 13th when it will be released."

If my source had more, I think they would have hinted!

Let's have a little history lesson...... In 1982, when everyone else was twiddling their thumbs, Contax showed the Photo Press a prototype AF SLR, based on the 137MD camera. I have read that at Photokina 1984, they showed a private party a similar AF SLR prototype based on the 137MA. They did not follow this up immediately. They were not happy with the construction of the AF lenses compared with the MF equivalent (Cor! What a surprise, how many times have we heard this since 1982!)

It took a long time for the N1, and N series lenses to appear, and you can read all over the place that N series lenses may surpass the equivalent C/Y lens. (I offer no opinion, I only own C/Y)

If you are of a similar mind to me, you either trust Zeiss Contax series lenses .... or you don't.

If you don't .... Hey! Go look for another system.

If you do .... wait! We'll get there in the end!

If you are commercial and can't wait .... Why not follow your wallet! .... I would!

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.


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Besides the R digital back, Leica has revealed that a digital M body is to be developed: this after stating that M lenses cannot operate with the acceptance angle imposed by current sensors. If M lenses can serve a digital role, so can Contax C/Y. Viva la RTS-D!

Meanwhile, back in the real world, I plan to upgrade my venerable Canon D30 at any moment, and the top contender is the Nikon D2H. The horror.
I only delay to see if Minolta makes a DSLR announcement in the next week...


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As a note, no one to my knowledge ever said a digital camera/back using Leica M lenses or Contax G lenses couldn't be produced. It can. The statement was that they will not work well with a full frame sensor, and even with microlenses, they can only correct so much, you will get image degredation. As far as the Leica "announcement", it failed to say the sensor like the digital back for the R, it may end up (and this is most likely) using a reduced size sensor...




Hi Rico,

Just a thought about your upcoming DSLR upgrade. Have you considered going with the Fuji S2 or soon to be S3? I have the S2 and could not be happier with the performance of this body....It handles everything (except fast action sports) with ease... Just a thought. It might hold you over and put some cash in your pocket for the day that Contax does offer us somthing worthy of our hard earned cash..


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I read the best reports from Fuji S2 users about quality of color. However, the features I seek include professional build, Li-ion battery system, low shutter lag, instant-on, low-light AF, spot metering, 100% VF, light weight. The Nikon D2H comes closest.

Today's leak appears to concern the much-rumored Dynax DSLR. For reasons relating to a certain Minolta lens, I'm keenly interested to see this come about. Let PMA begin already!


Kyocera Kid,

Thanks for the trip down (Contax) memory lane...I won't be holding my breath!? In fairness to Kyocera, they've done a lot of the hard work already with the N-Digital, so an upgrade/facelift surely wouldn't be that costly in relative terms. And what about a digital version of the NX? Possibly with smaller sensor to compete with the D70/100 or Digital Rebel/10D at a price-point of $ terms of features it'd probably lag Nikon or Canon but Kyocera cold still command a premium (of $500) so that people could continue to use their N-lenses.

I am like you Bob, in that I DO trust Zeiss Contax lenses (invested in C/Y and N) and so will wait until Kyocera gives us that DSLR; will be stumped if it's a G3 though!?

All the best, Yuske