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Stones Slabs Photos With D80


New Member
Hi my name is Cezar from Brazil.
I have been work with Brazilian Granite, most of them Exotic colors.
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I bought D80 to improve the quality of photos of my exotic stones, however I have a problem as all pictures in Automatic photos are more ORANGE or RED color therefore the final result is not good.
Does Anybody here works with photos of Stones?
Anybody here could help me with with a special configuration to take Real Colors from the stones?

I really need help on this matter.

Thank you so much in Advanced!!


Well-Known Member
If there is an orange or red cast, I expect you are photographing the stones under incandescent light. Instead of using automatic, you have some choices. Try setting the white balance to Incandescent, and use the fine tuning to get your colour perfect. You can also set the camera using the Kevin scale for a high degree of accuracy. Finally, you could use the preset method, taking a reading off something neutral, like a gray card or even a white piece of paper. All are easy to do and are described in your manual.

If you feel you must use automatic, take the stones outside into full sunlight.

There is a reason why white balance does not work well indoors with incandescent light. In the early years of digital cameras, one of the companies did make a camera that worked perfectly under regular light bulbs. Shortly after it went on the market, they started getting cameras returned, and angry letters. The reason was simple - it could not tell the difference between light from a household light bulb and a sunset. Everyone who tried to take a picture of a sunset, found that the colour had been neutralized and it looked like just another cloudy day!


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