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Strange red light



I traveled and took some pictures a month ago and it turns out that a red light appears on all my trip photos (except the first one), and on one of my home photos (which was shot several days ago, the red line is faint in this case, it crosses horizontally above the cat's head). Please see attached. Does anyone know
1. how it might happen?
2. anyway to get that red line off using software?




Which type of the film you use? This more like to the processing problem that the light leak


Interesting light pattern, I've had light leaks around the film door with a much different appearance. Less distinct, not as sharp as yours.
What model camera are you using? Does it have a data back?(maybe trying to imprint at the wrong time?) And finally, do you have the same problem with other lenses?
Do you scan your negatives? I scan only, don't make prints unless the shot deserves it. I have had a scanner problem that produced a line like that which was not on the negative.....
If you can see the line on the negatives, that leaves the camera as the place to look for a problem.
Good hunting for the problem,
Joe W


My camera body is Contax 167MT (without data back) and I didn't see any obvious damage on rubber or soft material (perhaps I should have it checked at a camera shop?). I have been using this camera for several years and this is the first time I have this problem.

The line occurs on the negatives, too. and it occurs at the same position on every affected negative (5 out of 23 are affected)


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Tien-Chien you could have a problem with the light trap near the hinge of the camera.
The ex&le print was taken in bright sunlight where it would be very obvious.
Two tests to do
Put 24 exp film in the camera and take all 24 shots at the same time in bright light, the film cannot get a chance for the light to leak through the light trap.
Second one is put another film in the camera abd leave the camera beside a window for a few hours then take a few frames set the cakera down and with a flash gun fire it off a few tomes at the back of the camera.
When you develope your film if the line is at the same place all the time you need to get the light trap replaced, still a problem with the older models after about 12 years, but a simple job to perform. Bob


Roberts suggestion of using a flash fired with the test switch at the back and sides of the camera should confirm any light leak.
If you find one there are several threads in the forums archives detailing the steps and materials used to fix the light seals. The seal by the hinge is a particularly critical one, as the mating surfaces are not "tongue and grooved" together.
One material that I haven't seen mentioned as a light seal is the felt from film cassettes. I've used that felt to reseal two bodies with great results. The felt can be cut to size with scissors or a razor knife quite accurately to fit the channels and the area near the hinge. For what it's worth, I think the Kodak film cassettes have a better quality felt. In the channel areas, I haven't had to use any adhesive. Contact glue worked for the hinge seal.
You still have to take care when cleaning out the old seal material. You don't want to damage the shutter with an errant poke or have crumbs of foam in the body.....
I haven't done any replacement of mirror foam, the back door repairs have fixed my problems. Perhaps someone who has replaced the mirror seals could weigh in with any insights as to where extra care should be taken in that area.
Joe W


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I had the same problem with my 139Q. I changed the back foam and the mirror foam and the problem was fixed.

I think these original foams are of poor quality


> Being that the streak is uniform in both frames (if you turn the vertical to horizontal) I would guess that it is not a proccessing problem.



If it is repeated in same manner it is not a proccessing problem. I think changing back foam must help.


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Does anyone know if I can use my Contax G lenses in any other camera? Or will any other lenses fit my G -2?