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Strange sounds with rechargeable batteries


I noticed that my 645 makes a different, more harsh, sound when I use recgargeable batteries.
Does anybody else noticed this also? Might this harm the camera?

Best regards,

Michiel Fokkema
mmm, I checked the voltage on the rechargeable batteries. It's 8.5v. Explains why it sounds a bit tense.
Could this harm the motor ion the camera?

Best regards,

Michiel Fokkema


Gold CI-Patron
Hi Michiel

I do not think that this will harm the motor, it only will not be able to deliver its full power, I guess. But nevertheless, perhaps you should consider bying new rechargable batteries.



New Member
"Juice" rechargeables

I bought some cheap Juice rechaegeables on the bay.
These batteries are in compatible as the voltage fidfference causes frame spacing issues. Avoid these and goo tithe the white Lenmare style.