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Strange viewfinder focus


New Member
I have had a RTSII that has a strange focusing problem. Looking thru the finder, the image is in focus at the center of the view, but the top and bottom portions of the image are slightly fuzzy. Pictures come out sharp but it's hard to focus in dim light and sometimes I get some junk shots. Anybody else have this problem? Thanks


You could try to take out and put back in the focus screen. Sounds like it may not be sitting in place correctly. Also try to focus on a flat surface, ensuring camera film plane is parallel with the surface. Hope that helps.


New Member
Thanks David,
I tried changing the focus screen and it didn't make any difference. Focus on a flat surface shows the problem quite easly. A Christmas light display makes the problem noticeable too.


Well-Known Member
Sounds like the mirror is not returning to exactly 45 degrees to the film/screen. Is there anything catching the mirror (piece of foam etc)?

This would give you sharp shots but poor viewfinder image.

Cheers, Bob.


New Member
Hi Bob!

I looked and didn't find any debris, etc. blocking the mirror's

return. I guess a trip to the repair shop is in order. I hope it isn't

something major like the mirror box is out of alignment, etc.

Thanks for the info!