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Studio 2


New Member
I've just downloaded Studio 2 in trial mode. My hope is to use it to control my camera(s), but it doesn't come with any help files. I'm assuming once I buy it, if I do, there will be some kind of help file I can download or install.

I have two Oly cameras. C-7000 and E-510.

I've been able to control the E-510 with no problem. However, I'd like to see a live view via the computer so I can easily position the camera. I saw a short demo on youtube showing that it can be done, but not sure which camera they were using. I would imagine the camera would have to be put in the LCD mode first. Does anyone have any idea how I can do this with PC-Control?

Regarding the C-7000, I haven't been able to get it to work with the software at all. I found a round about way to get it into PC-Control mode by opening the media door and pushing a combination of buttons, then closing the door etc. Studio still doesn't recognize the camera. Anyone ever tried this with the C-7000?