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Subsribe/ Unsubscribe the CI-Newsletter

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we send the CI-Newsletter on a unregular basis. This Newsletter has nothing to do with the "Weekly Digest" and "Daily Digest". (The "Weekly Digest" will come always on Saturdays).

Please always look what is written in the email you got to be able to know whether it is a Newsletter, a thread notification, a private message or a weekly/daily digest.

The CI-Newsletter will be send out between once a week and once every two months, depending on how many news there are.

So how to unsubscribe or subscribe to this CI-Newsletter?

As with almost everything in this forum, you can do these settings in your own userprofile in this forum. We can not do this for you. It is your own profile with your own settings.

1. Go with the mouse on your username at the upper right hand of the forum. A drop-down menu appears. Click on this drop-down menu on "privacy":


2. If you do not want to have the CI-Newsletter anymore, just uncheck the cross for the CI-Newsletter. See screenshot. Then save the settings.

If you change your mind later on and want to have it again, just check there again, make the cross and save the new settings.


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